Brunch with us! 

Join us every Saturday and Sunday for a beery brunch
10am – 3pm

Tony’s Weekly Specials


It’s Back! Warm… Pretzels!
With a side of Chipotle Cream and Agave DIPA Mustard
(Vegan) 5 

JB’s Cheeseburgerrito
Angus Ground Beef, Iceberg Lettuce, Roma Tomatoes, Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese
French Fries on the side
(Non-Vegan) 10

Frito Lay
Frito Chips topped with Mexican Chipotle Crumbles and Hominy Chili, Pepper Jack Cheese, Jalapeños, Red Onions
For Meat lover Options: Angus Beef Meat Chili and Sharp Cheddar Cheese
(Non-Vegan/Vegan) 8