Tony's Darts Away

All Craft, All Draught, All California. Tony’s Darts Away

Tony’s Darts Away

All craft, all draught, all California. Tony’s Darts Away is Burbank’s neighborhood bar, celebrating craft beer and great food. Our commitment is to have the best beer possible by supporting local breweries. We’ve been rated among the best beer bars in Los Angeles County by Thrillist and Laist, and rated one of the best beer bars in the country by Draft Magazine. Come by for our weekly specials and latest beers, or just to hang out. 

Tony’s Weekly Specials

Chile Limone
Steak cut fries tossed with chili lemon powder
side of caper mayo sauce
(Vegan) 7.5

Monterey Chapel
Monterey jack cheese, chicken apple sausage, beans, mashed potatoes
red sauce in a flour tortilla
(Non-vegan) 12

City of Truffle
Green beans beer battered with IPA and deep fried
side of white truffle aioli
(Vegan) 8

Bangers & Mash
British Banger Sausage, mashed potato, onion drippings
sautéed kale and brussels sprouts
(Non Vegan/Vegan) 13

Fig & Blue
California field greens, figs, blue cheese, pine nuts and celery with creole horseradish vinaigrette
(Vegetarian) 9