Tony’s Weekly Specials

Famous Beer Fest Asian Tots
Tater Tots tossed with sweet Asian Barbeque Sauce, Sesame Seeds and a side of Spicy Asian Coleslaw
(Vegan) 8

Peanut Butter Fry Time
French Fries topped with Coconut Peanut Butter & Raspberry Jam
(Vegan) 7

Rizo Wrap
Soyrizo, Tofu, Jalapeno, Black Beans, Corn, Red onions, Tomatoes and Romaine on Spinach Wrap
(Vegan) 9

The OG

Frankfurters or Frank topped with Yellow Mustard, Ketchup and House Made Relish on a Sesame Bun
(Vegan/Non-Vegan) 8.75

Sweet & Spicy Avenger

Hotlink sausage topped with Dijon Mustard, Pineapples, Coconut Sweet & Chili Cabbage Slaw
(Non-Vegan) 8.75