Tony’s Weekly Specials

Hey Mate Southwest Tots
Barbeque sauce, blue cheese, frizzled onions and pickled jalapenos
(Vegetarian) 8

Chik’n Play
Chicken breast, sautéed kale, rosemary butter, roma tomatoes and frizzled onions on a croissant bun
(Non-Vegan) 12

Hawaiian Styles
Pineapple pork, kale, crispy onions and fried egg on roll
(Non-Vegan) 11

Black Beard Burger
Black bean patty, roasted red pepper, avocado
and beer griddled onions on croissant bun
(Vegan) 10

Pay Pays Mash up
Vegan Frank or beef frank, mashed potatoes, green onions and garlic paste and cheddar or daiya cheese on roll
(Non-Vegan/Vegan) 9.75