Tony's Darts Away

All Craft, All Draught, All California. Tony’s Darts Away

Tony’s Darts Away

All craft, all draught, all California. Tony’s Darts Away is Burbank’s neighborhood bar, celebrating craft beer and great food. Our commitment is to have the best beer possible by supporting local breweries. We’ve been rated among the best beer bars in Los Angeles County by Thrillist and Laist, and rated one of the best beer bars in the country by Draft Magazine. Come by for our weekly specials and latest beers, or just to hang out. 

Weekly Lunch Specials

Fisherman’s Weakness
Sweet potato fries & plain fries tossed in cajun spice
side of ranch
(Vegan) 7.5

Seasoned wedges, with creamy sweet & spicy sauce on side
(Vegetarian) 7.5

Street Cart
Frank wrapped in jalapeno bacon topped with yellow mustard, chorizo, Monterey jack cheese and red onion on bun
side of chips
(Non-Vegan) 9.75

The Classic
Frank or vegan Frank, yellow mustard, house ketchup & relish,
raw red onion, side of seasoned chips
(Vegan/ Non-Vegan) 9.75

Sesame Tofu Tacos
Pickled carrots, cucumber & daikon radish, dice tomatoes, cilantro on corn tortillas
side of black beans
(Vegan) 8.75