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Adventures in Veganism: Tonys Darts Away

November, 2012
 If you’re vegan, the first thing you’ll notice about the place isn’t the drinks so much as the menu,

Eco-Friendly Bar Hosts Vegan Chili Cook Off
November, 2012

Bottle-free bar and restaurant Tony’s Darts Away is hosting its first annual vegan chili cookoff in honor of National Vegan Month.

Easy Entertaining: Beers & Brats
October, 2012

“All craft. All draught. All California.” That’s been Tony Yanow’s philosophy since he opened Tony’s DArts Away in Burbank, CAlif., two years ago. Attracting fans from all over Los Angeles, the bar serves local craft beers and updated pub grub from chef Randy St. Clair in a retro setting. Yanow’s bottle-free, low-waste establishment uses local ingredients whenever possible.

GQ: The 5 Best Beer Cities in America
October, 2012

Right now, the city’s best bars for suds tend to be run by one of two beer gurus. Ryan Sweeney [of the Verdugo, the Surly Goat, and Little Bear; and] Tony Yanow, co-founder of Golden Road Brewing (one of two city breweries, along with Eagle Rock). He also owns Echo Park’s Mohawk Bend bistro—California-fresh food and seventy-two taps—and Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank, which strongly resembles a Big Lebowski set. Instead of a White Russian, you want Russian River Brewing Co.’s Redemption, a rare blonde ale brewed in Santa Rosa.

Tony’s Darts Away Hosts Vinyl Nights…
August 24, 2012

Vinyl Nights at Tony’s Darts Away were a welcome addition for record enthusiasts and craft beer lovers alike.

French Fry Flow Chart: Where to Go for Fries, Topped or Otherwise
June 12, 2012

Whether you want your spuds on the side or heavily topped with enough caloric weight to count as the meal itself, this french fries flowchart will show you the way.

NBC Bay Area Worth The Drive: LA Vegan Beer Fest
May 4, 2012

It’s truly pointless to start any modern-day post or article with the words “soon there will be a beer festival for every beer lover” because, fact? There is. We recently saw a whole beer-and-chocolate pairing event, and, in our heart, we sighed, because we realized the day has come where the gastronomic choices everyone longs for are plentiful and yet specific. And while not every city yet has a vegan beer festival — or, sadly, even just a vegan food festival — Los Angeles, California does. Oh, LA may get ribbed for being at the forefront of healthy eating, but when push comes to shove, people know which side their bread is buttered on.

Tony’s Darts Away 2nd Anniversary
April 21, 2012

To celebrate its second anniversary, beloved Burbank watering hole Tony’s Darts Away will more than doubling its size for the day by adding an extended outdoor deck and bar and hosting an all-day beer festival on Saturday, April 21.

Midnight Snack: Tony’s Darts Away with Mike Kim
April 18, 2012

Forty taps pour California-only brews, housed by wood-paneled walls and exposed airshafts covered in stickers. A floor-to-ceiling shelf stuffed with classic board games is situated next to the most crowded area of the bar, the pool table. This is Mike Kim’s favorite bar and he wears it on his sleeve — literally. An environmental risk manager by day and an avid cyclist by night, he is outfitted from head to toe in an official Tony’s Darts Away cyclist kit.

Thrillist LA: Favorite 5 Beer Bars in Los Angeles
April 12, 2012

Before Captain Planet died in that tragic snowmobiling accident, he revealed two wishes: “Create an eco-friendly place to play darts and slam beers & cased meat, and kick that wussy Brazilian kid with the monkey out of the Planeteers, since his power of ‘heart’ is so damn lame.” Fulfilling at least one of CP’s dying requests, Tony’s Darts Away.

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2012 Resolution: Expand Your Social Circle at LA’s Friendliest Bars
January 3, 2012

If you’re ever in Burbank, or even if you’re not, head to Tony’s Darts Away to soak up that friendly neighborhood vibe. Bond with your fellow bar-goers over how amazing the sausages are.

draft logo
America’s 100 best beer bars: 2012
January 1, 2012

Tony’s Darts Away is just so California, and we’re not even talking about the 38 taps wholly dedicated to the best of Cali brew (though that certainly helps). Its environmentally friendly ethos hugs every part of the place, from tap-only beer, soda and wine (not a bottle or can in sight), recycled napkins and hyperlocal, Cali-sourced fare.

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Friends of Eater Name Top Restaurant Standbys of 2011
December 27, 2011

Lindsay William-Ross, LAist: Besides my neighborhood lunch haunts, I’d say I made happy multiple visits to Public Kitchen & Bar, Wood & Vine, Tony’s Darts Away, ink.sack, The Fat Dog, Taylor’s Steakhouse, Black Market Liquor Bar, Playa, Black Cat Bakery, Dominick’s, and Ray’s & Stark Bar.

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Top 5 Craft Beer Bars for Beer Flights
August 25, 2011

Tony’s Darts Away makes things even easier for new beer fans by breaking up its 36-tap list into two easy-to-ponder categories of IPA and Non-IPA

LA Weekly
Five L.A. Restaurant Websites From Which We Hope Other Restaurants Will Learn a Thing or Two
LA Weekly • July 28, 2011

Tony’s Darts Away takes craft beer seriously, and no where is that more immediately clear than on its website. The glossary of Beer Styles, for example, is quite helpful and, even if you only remember a tenth of the information, is enough to arm you with the knowledge you need the next time you find yourself staring at a beer menu. The bar’s food menu is easily accessible, though possibly the best menu on the site is the beer list. The quality of the beers on tap is stellar, natch, but the fact that it is updated almost daily is impressive. Read More.

Los Angeles Magazine
Tony’s Darts Away Dishes Out New Burgers
Los Angeles Magazine • June 8, 2011

Burbank gastropub Tony’s Darts Away is already at top spot for many of the city’s hopheads, but now with an additional line of gourmet burgers debuting June 12th, it may soon be on the list of burger aficionados as well. Read More.

quarry girl
Vegan burgers and beers! New on sundays at tony’s darts away
Quarry Girl • June 7, 2011

tony’s always puts a lot of care and effort into their specials…so i’m excited to see what they come up with, creating a different vegan burger every two weeks. the burgers will always be $9 each, and will come with a side of homemade (and amazing) potato chips. another interesting thing to note: the burgers will never be made of mock meat. i’m so stoked to give this creative new spin on pub grub a try! Read More.

Burger ‘n’ beers
All About Beer Magazine • July 2011, in print

Paige Reilly, who has earned the title of Beer Champion at Tony’s Darts Away in Burgank, right near the NBC/Universal and Warner Bros. lots, helped devise a list of the best new beer ‘n burger spots in all of L.A. Refashioned into a stellar beer bar last year with the goal of achieving zero waste, Tony’s offers a beer menu that is naturally all draft and all California-brewed. This being L.A., Tony’s is very vegan friendly and there’s a vegan beer grat, plus their most popular item is the “wheatloaf slider.”

Wine and Good Food
Beer Break – Tony’s Darts Away
Wine and Good Food • May 6, 2011

Any time I am working near Burbank I always make time to swing into Tony’s Darts Away for some amazing food and a nice cold brew. I seriously love Tony’s…a no frills atmosphere with one of the best California craft beer selections in Southern Cal. Read More.

city's best
Where to Wait Out Rush Hour in Burbank
City’s Best • March 23, 2011

Tony’s Darts Away: Tony’s Darts Away won the 2010 City’s Best award for best beer selection in Los Angeles, and for good reason. The bar keeps 36 beers (sorted into IPAs and non-IPAs) on tap, and the selection changes daily, so freshness is paramount. This chic little gastropub serves exclusively Californian drinks and fare, and the inventive menu specializes in sausages and chili. Read More.

A Little Vegan March Madness • March 17, 2011

Most bars are not thinking of a vegan lifetsyle when they draw up their menus, but here in Los Angeles, there is one location that has been conscious of the vegan for a while now. Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank has over 30 beers available and comes with a decent vegan menu. The perfect gathering for the games and excitement. Read More.

rate beer
Best Beer Bars 2011 • January 27, 2011

Rate Beer’s Best beer Bars 2011. WORLD’S BEST BEER BARS!!! Tony’s Darts Away ranked 23rd in the world, 13th in the US and 4th in the Western US. See the list!

draft magazine
America’s 100 best beer bars: 2011
Draft Magazine • January 15, 2011

This pub is unmistakably SoCal: All 38 taps are Cali beers, and most of the food is locally sourced. Hopheads will appreciate the beer menu’s two categories: IPA and non-IPA. Bottle- and can-free, Tony’s puts as much emphasis on fine food and beer as it does on being green. Read More.
Tony’s Darts Away (TDA) – Burbank, CA • January 12, 2011

A few miles off the 5 freeway in Burbank is a craft beer oasis. Beer and wine bar with a small menu of food. The bar serves mostly “bar” food like sausages and chili, but with a twist. Not only do they serve your typical type of sausages, fries, chips, and chili, they also serve an equal amount of vegan sausages, fries, chips, and chili. In addition, the food is locally sourced and always organic. Tony Yanow, owner of TDA, is one of those beer geeks with a conscious. Not only is he a vegan, but he makes it a point to try to reduce the environmental impact of his bar as much as possible. This is a great beer bar and it’s a decent size. If TDA is any indication of Tony’s impact on the LA craft beer scene, I can’t wait until Mohawk Bend opens up in Echo Park. Read More.

city's best
Casual and Cheap: The Best Burbank Bars
City’s Best • January 11, 2011

Tony’s Darts Away is a sophisticated yet casual and environmentally conscious gastro pub. Tony’s no waste policy and vegan-friendly menu will make you feel good about drinking here. And the bar’s “honest pint project” guarantees you’ll always receive a full 16-ounce pint pour, or more. Beer selections are highly Californian, (the menu is divided by IPAs and non-IPAs), and its beer flights make for easy sampling. Read More.

city's best
Tony’s Wins 2010 Best Beer Selection in Los Angeles
City’s Best • December 1, 2010

Tony’s specializes in having a wide array of beers from California brewers on tap. By focusing on local brewers, Tony’s Darts Away provides the freshest beer possible and supports the local economy at the same time. Read More.

Tony’s Wins as the Least Wasteful Bar in Los Angeles
North Hollywood Patch • November 6, 2010

Tony’s is a rare place that serves meat where I don’t feel forced into eating soggy zucchini and tomatoes or a side of steamed cabbage. And she won’t have to eat “Chick-In” nuggets. Everything on the menu, from beer to sausages to sweet-potato fries, has a pleasant option for animal rights activists or those with high cholesterol. I don’t want to leave; I could remain here for hours and never want to check my phone for a text message or an email. Read More

LA weekly
Tony’s Darts Away, Best Valley Dive Bar – 2010
LA Weekly • October 7, 2010

In the ’60s, Tony’s was a classic Valley dive bar, attracting the kind of folks who’d start drinking at 6 in the morning. More than 40 years later, the Burbank watering hole has been treated to a face-lift by its new owner, who just so happens to be named Tony. These days, Tony’s Darts Away is less gin joint and more California craft-beer bar and restaurant, with over 30 local beers on tap, including a selection that rotates daily. Proprietor Tony Yanow’s motto is “bringing the fine beers of California to the fine people of Los Angeles.” Tony’s also has a wide variety of regional wines. Tony’s serves local sausages that come with a huge range of toppings, and the place has become a vegan destination as well, owing to four different kinds of meat-free sausages. Read More.

Los Angeles Magazine
Tony’s Darts Away: A New Review
Los Angeles Magazine • September 2010

Dispensing exclusively California brews from its 38 taps, Tony’s is a top-notch craft beer destination. Edibles include a thoughtful selection of salads, zesty sausages (including several vegan options) that come loaded with toppings (caramelized onion jam and dairy-free cheddar), and the best sweet potato fries to be found within 20 miles (they’re coated in a maple-chipotle glaze and topped with crushed almonds). Snag a pool table or grab a board game and settle in for the night. Your pals will be along shortly. Read More.
Tony’s Darts Away Keeps Ruling for Vegans, Plus HOT SAUCE! • August 11, 2010

Have you guys been to tony’s darts away yet?! if not, WTF are you waiting for? it’s the best place for vegan beer lovers in los angeles, period. the almost entirely vegan beer selection is massive (and so are the pours), the menu features some of our favorite products, the service is friendly, and the food is outstanding. Read More.
Tony’s Darts Away: Still Awesome • July 15, 2010


I just can’t get enough of tony’s darts away! It’s the only real bar in los angeles with a vegan-friendly menu, the food is excellent, and they’ve got over 30 beers on tap. Seriously, tony’s is amazing. I hit up the burbank boozer recently with a couple friends, and as to be expected, we had an excellent time. Read More.

Tony’s Darts Away • July 1, 2010

Located an unassuming stretch of Burbank’s Magnolia Boulevard, Tony’s Darts Away is a vintage dive bar that has been given the full-fledged Hollywood makeover — even if it’s still technically in the Valley. The bar serves up dozens of beers on tap, with a selection that’s rotated daily, and the kitchen dishes out treats like sweet potato fries with maple-chipotle glaze and crushed almonds. Read More.

drink eat travel
Beer and Food Team Up for a Good Cause at Pairing at Tony’s Darts Away • June 18, 2010

I enjoy drinking for a cause — and I am not talking about the time I caused myself to miss my biology exam in college. Saturday’s Dionicess VI event paired beers with sausage and fries and benefited the Real Medicine Foundation. Now that’s a legitimate cause! Read More.

los angeles times
Tony’s Darts Away Tempts Burbank vegans
Los Angeles Times • April 30, 2010

For a city that bills itself as the “media capital of the world,” Burbank’s neighborhood bars have been slow to catch up to increasingly discerning palates. Beloved yet dingy dives serving Bud Light for a few bucks, such as Rocky’s III, still outnumber slightly more upscale neighborhood pubs such as the Snug, where the Chimay flows on tap. First-time bar owner Tony Yanow saw an opportunity to cater to new Burbank residents and nearby media industry workers, so the former CEO of took over Darts Away and revamped the beer and food menu. Read More.
Tony’s Darts Away: Vegan-friendly Pub Revisited • April 21, 2010

The menu is ingenious: you choose your vegan (or non-vegan if you swing that way) sausage then two “large toppings” – I went for onions and sauerkraut which were great choices. You also get the option of two small toppings, and I chose the veganaise and vegan aioli. So, I ended up with a bumper hot dog that was succulent and tasty (they use tofurkey sausages, so you know you’ll be in good hands) and everything is cooked separately in the kitchen so you know you don’t have contamination). Read More.

Beer Search Party
Tony’s Darts Away Interview • April 14, 2010

As threatened, here are the reasons why you should be beer geeked about Tony Yanow and the newly opened Tony’s Darts Away (TDA). The hospitality at TDA will be strong from day one. The magical word NITRO. The staff at TDA will be educated. Plus Tony has two aces in Paige Reilly and Dave Watrous. Fun and smart beer people. Read More.

los angeles times
Openings: The Olive Kitchen & Bar and Tony’s Darts Away
Los Angeles Times • April 13, 2010

Warner Bros. execs (and computer programmers) now have a new place to live it up with the opening of Tony’s Darts Away, a new craft beer bar and restaurant in Burbank. It’s dubbing itself the city’s first “bottle-less” bar, which means that the extensive selection of more than 30 California craft beers are all on tap. So are the red and white wines. It’s a no-waste kind of system that anybody can get behind. So is the price: Most pints go for about $4.50. Read More.

food gps
Our Own Toronado: Tony’s Darts Away
Food GPS • March 18, 2010

One of the things that struck me from talking with Yanow recently was his genuine passion for beer. That coupled with an extensive knowledge of the statewide beer scene and home brewing makes him a true beer geek. Another positive, that is near and dear to my heart is his idea for a “beer library” featuring books on the subject from Yanow’s own collection to help his customers learn more about beer. And it doesn’t stop there, he has given his employees weekly beer reading assignments, conducted tastings with them and will even have them learn the brewing process to help them find the right beer for you. Read More.

LA weekly
Tony’s Darts Away: Dive Bar Turned California Craft Beer Hub
LA Weekly • March 9, 2010

One of Burbank’s original dive bars is getting a facelift. Tony’s Darts Away, a Magnolia Boulevard institution since the 1960′s, has a new owner in Tony Yanow and a goal to be LA’s first bottle-less bar. Yanow plans to “gently revamp” the bar by installing an integrated tap system serving 30+ California craft beers, red and white wines and sodas, all on tap. Read More.

la eater
Tony’s Darts Away Gets Eco-Friendly Revamp in Burbank • March 9, 2010

Next month Burbank gets a craft beer bar of it’s very own, Tony’s Darts Away. Sound familiar? Tony’s Darts Away has actually been around since the 1960s on Magnolia Blvd, but a new Tony (Yanow) has recently taken over with plans to revive the ancient dive, add a slew of new brews, and an entirely new menu. Right now the plan is to offer over 30 California craft beers on tap, plus red and white wine…on tap too. Read More.