We take beer pretty seriously at Tony’s and it is apparent in everything we do. An American pint is 16 fl oz and that is the minimum that you’ll get when you order a pint here. Tony’s Darts Away is certified as a purveyor of full pours by The Honest Pint Project. Our certificate has been proudly on display above the bar since the day we opened. For more information visit www.honestpintproject.org.

If you are interested in learning more please ask your bartender or read our version of Honest Pint FAQ below.

So, why isn’t my glass filled all the way?
We use a 19.75 fl oz glass so that we can assure that you get the full 16oz you paid for and a healthy head to boot. Some joints pour beer in a 16 fl oz glass or smaller and that’s fine unless they bill it as a pint*. Our patrons enjoy all the beer they paid for without sacrificing the important foam^.

Is there a reason why this pint glass has such a funny shape or is it just a gimmick?
Yes, they do look a lot nicer than a run of the mill shaker glass but it’s not just about looks. When 16 fl oz are in the glass it reaches about the widest part of the glass. This increase in surface area allows the full aroma of the beer to be enjoyed while the narrower top keeps the aromas where you want them – under your nose. The glass is also easier to hold onto. Some pub owners in the UK insist on pouring into this shape of glass as it minimizes breakage due to slippery fingered Brits.

Wait, I ordered a beer and you didn’t give me a pint. What gives?
While most of our beers are served as pints there are exceptions. There are various reasons why special glassware is selected. Some beers require smaller vessels because they are too strong to serve 16 fl oz of – A pint of 14% Barleywine is best savored like a brandy in a snifter and a full pint would knock most people over. Some beers are better served in a glass that showcases its unique color or head – There is nothing like a Saison and its head billowing in a tulip glass. Other glass selections are determined by tradition and style – Kolsch is traditionally served in a smaller and vertical glass that indicates that it is to be consumed cold and not nursed.

Thanks, but I don’t want a full pint, I have to get back to work after lunch!
If you are feeling like a pint is too much of a commitment, we also offer half pints. Like its brother, it is an oversized half pint. Our 10 fl oz glass provides for 8 fl oz of beer and again leaves space for the head^.

Why do you spray water into the glass before you serve it? Are you watering down the beer?
Never! While we aren’t quite as draconian as the ancient Babylonians*, we never ever water down the beer we serve. We use the cold water spritz before pouring beer to ensure that you get a perfectly clean glass with nothing but beer in it. The water never stays in the glass but it does make sure that there is never any residual soap or errant lint that could affect the quality of the beer. The spritz also conditions the glass so the beer slides nicely into it. Finally, the water used is cooled to the same temperature as the beer, so the glass you get doesn’t warm the beer you drink.

*Code of Hammurabi is the oldest set of known written laws. Dating back almost 4,000 years this Babylonian code specifically addresses the issue of watering down, short selling, or overcharging for beer. These crimes were punishable by death!

^Importance of head: Brewers and beer drinkers know that the importance of the foamy insulating top to your beer cannot be overstated. It affects three of your beer senses: sight, smell, and feel. Not only does it look tantalizingly good, your beer’s head is also greatly important to both the delivery of the aromas and the mouthfeel of your beer.