There are any number of beer styles out there and almost as many style guides. Even still, there are many beers that defy inclusion into any “style.” Brewers continue to push the envelope and writers are always be playing catch up. For us, style guides can serve two audiences.

First is for the brewer, judge or pro that needs to understand technical details that are far beyond the casual beer drinker. If you are interested in such a guide, there is no better resource than the BJCP guide.

Second is the beer drinker who wants to know what to expect when they order a beer. The spectrum of beers varieties is wide and classification is important to some of us. Some such guides are very basic, others are quite advanced.

Obviously, this is a lighthearted approach to beer styles that should be easy to read and hopefully entertaining. Our goal here is to inform with some details, some history, some facts or whatever else we find interesting about these styles. We will continue to update this guide as we go forward, but here are some of the more popular styles served in California and a few quirky ones that we just love. Check back, we’re adding all the time.