Fried Garbanzo Beans
black pepper salt and side of lime   4

House Made Kennebec Potato Chips
black pepper salt or cajun spice    4

Sweet & Spicy Camote Fries
sweet potato fries tossed in maple-chipotle glaze and crushed almonds     7

Becky’s Bad Ass Buffalo Potatoes
fried russet wedges tossed in Buffalo hot sauce w/ vegan ranch, celery and carrot sticks
(Add-ons: Blue Cheese $1 / Bacon $1 / Both $2)     7

Disco Fries
gravy and cheddar or vegan cheddar (Add-ons: Pickled jalapenos $.75)   7

Buffalo Wings
seitan and sunflower strips in buffalo style hot sauce w/ celery, carrots and vegan ranch   9

Caroline’s Famous Chili
ground beef angus, arbol chili’s, red kidney and garbanzo beans topped w/ cheese and onions
(vegan option: coarsely ground chipotle mexican sausage, garbanzo beans, hominy, topped with cashew creme, fried plantains and shaved chocolate)     5


Buffalo Wrap
vegan chicken or chicken sausage w/ buffalo sauce, carrots, cabbage slaw, mixed greens and vegan ranch, inside a warm tortilla    10

Banh Mi
vegan Pork or non-vegan Pork belly w/ pickled veggies, cilantro, fresh jalapeños & chipotle aioli
on a baguette    9

Korean Bowl
marinated vegan pork or pork belly w/ steamed rice, pickled daikon and carrots, cucumber, sauteed kale
and kimchi    9


Half Pint Salad
local spring mix, grape tomatoes, cucumber and house vinaigrette     6

Golden State Salad
local spring mix, golden beets, grape tomatoes, goat cheese, SPICED pepitas and house vinaigrette   9

Quinoa and Farro Salad
cranberries, tabouli and grape tomatoes, topped w/ local spring mix and citrus vinaigrette   12

West Coast Salad
vegan shrimp or non-vegan garlic buttered shrimp, thinly shaved fennel and cabbage, black sesame seeds, orange segments and citrus vinaigrette    13


Street Meat
bacon wrapped all-beef frank topped w/ spicy ketchup, mayo, griddled onions & peppers   9

The Classic
vegan frank or non-vegan frank w/ yellow mustard, house made ketchup and relish   6

Beer Brat
vegan beer bratwurst or non-vegan pork bratwurst w/ brown mustard, griddled onions and sauerkraut    7

vegan mexican chipotle or non-vegan spicy pork sausage w/ salsa roja, avocado, chipotle aioli
and pico de gallo   7

Hot & Sunny
spicy pork sausage w/ mayo, cheddar, creole mustard and fried egg    8

Italian Stallion
vegan italian or non-vegan mild italian pork sausage w/ brown mustard, griddled onions and peppers   7

Smoked Duck & Bacon
dijon mustard, griddled onions and fennel   9

Mango Apple
vegan apple sage or non-vegan mango apple pork sausage w/ brown mustard, slaw and mango melon salsa   9

Caroline’s Chili Dog
vegan frank or non vegan frank topped w/ arbol chili, brown mustard, cheddar & raw onions   9

10AM – 3PM 

Darts Away Burrito (V/NV)
fried egg, cheddar, bacon, avocado, potato and roasted garlic, served with chips and salsa   9
(vegan option: scrambled tofu, daiya cheese and spicy soyrizo)

Chilaquiles (V/NV)
spicy salsa, chips, eggs, braised pork, avocado and cilantro   8
(vegan option: scrambled tofu and daiya cheese)

The Hash (V/NV)
artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, sun dried tomatoes, garbanzo beans, rustic potato and mint salsa   8
(add feta cheese and fried egg 2)

Diner Style (V/NV)
fried eggs, bacon, potato, sourdough toast and house ketchup 8
(vegan option: scrambled tofu   7)

Steel Cut Oats (V)
local green apples, bananas and cinnamon, topped with a maple glaze   6